Life and AD&D Insurance

Basic Life and AD&D Insurance

Life insurance ensures your family’s future is financially secure if you’re no longer there to provide for them. Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) provides a benefit if you are seriously injured or lose your life in an accident. HomeServices provides this coverage at no cost to you, and enrollment is automatic. The coverage is equal to one times your annual base salary with a minimum benefit of $75,000 and a maximum of $500,000.

Supplemental Life and AD&D Insurance

You may purchase Supplemental Life and AD&D coverage at discounted group rates for yourself and your spouse/domestic partner in increments of $10,000. Rates based on age and the amount of coverage elected. You may also purchase $15,000 of coverage for your benefit-eligible children. If you have multiple dependent children and elect coverage, each dependent will be provided with $15,000 of coverage at a single flat rate.

Evidence of insurability will be required in certain circumstances to demonstrate good health (not applicable to supplemental child life). 

Coverage AvailableMaximum Coverage
Supplemental Employee Life and AD&D Insurance$10,000 increments$500,000 
Supplemental Spouse/Domestic Partner Life and AD&D Insurance$10,000 increments$120,000 
Supplemental Child Life and AD&D Insurance $15,000 $15,000 

For additional information on life insurance coverage, visit the Metlife website.

Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation

It is important to designate who will receive your life insurance benefits in the event of your death. If you have not chosen your beneficiary yet, take a few moments to do so. If you have already named your beneficiary, now might be a good time to confirm that your designation is up to date.

Your life insurance beneficiary designations are made online directly through Metlife. Questions on beneficiary designation? Review MetLife’s FAQs.

Life Insurance Continuation Coverage

No longer eligible for benefits or planning on leaving the company? Loss of life insurance coverage provides the opportunity to convert or port your policies; please download the information below.