As an employee of HomeServices of America, you should be sure to familiarize yourself with information about paid time off, company holidays and your pay schedule. Having a comprehensive understanding of your time and wages will help you solidify your financial well-being.

HomeServices pays on a biweekly schedule, resulting in 26 paychecks in a 12-month period. The workweek is Monday-Sunday, and the payday is every other Friday.

Pay PeriodPay Date
Mon 12/18/23 — Sun 12/31/23Fri 01/05/24
Mon 01/01/24 — Sun 01/14/24Fri 01/19/24
Mon 01/15/24 — Sun 01/28/24Fri 02/02/24
Mon 01/29/24 — Sun 02/11/24Fri 02/16/24
Mon 02/12/24 — Sun 02/25/24Fri 03/01/24
Mon 02/26/24 — Sun 03/10/24Fri 03/15/24
Mon 03/11/24 — Sun 03/24/24Fri 03/29/24
Mon 03/25/24 — Sun 04/07/24Fri 04/12/24
Mon 04/08/24 — Sun 04/21/24Fri 04/26/24
Mon 04/22/24 — Sun 05/05/24Fri 05/10/24
Mon 05/06/24 — Sun 05/19/24Fri 05/24/24
Mon 05/20/24 — Sun 06/02/24Fri 06/07/24
Mon 06/03/24 — Sun 06/16/24Fri 06/21/24
Mon 06/17/24 — Sun 06/30/24Fri 07/05/24
Mon 07/01/24 — Sun 07/14/24Fri 07/19/24
Mon 07/15/24 — Sun 07/28/24Fri 08/02/24
Mon 07/29/24 — Sun 08/11/24Fri 08/16/24
Mon 08/12/24 — Sun 08/25/24Fri 08/30/24
Mon 08/26/24 — Sun 09/08/24Fri 09/13/24
Mon 09/09/24 — Sun 09/22/24Fri 09/27/24
Mon 09/23/24 — Sun 10/06/24Fri 10/11/24
Mon 10/07/24 — Sun 10/20/24Fri 10/25/24
Mon 10/21/24 — Sun 11/03/24Fri 11/08/24
Mon 11/04/24 — Sun 11/17/24Fri 11/22/24
Mon 11/18/24 — Sun 12/01/24Fri 12/06/24
Mon 12/02/24 — Sun 12/15/24Fri 12/20/24
Mon 12/16/24 — Sun 12/29/24Fri 01/03/25

A biweekly pay schedule results in some months with three paychecks. In these months, most benefit deductions will come out of only your first two paychecks. 401(k) contributions and supplemental life insurance, however, are deducted from all paychecks.

Direct Deposit

You can sign up for multiple Direct Deposit accounts via UKG. You can have up to five direct deposit accounts. HomeServices does not verify your bank account information prior to your first direct deposit. Be sure to verify the routing and account numbers are correct before you save.

Visit the UKG website and find Direct Deposit under Myself > Pay > Direct Deposit.

Model My Pay

The Model My Pay page provides you with an example of your potential pay information. This feature provides your scheduled pay and information from your last paycheck to pre-populate the paycheck values. 

Visit the UKG website and find Model My Pay under Myself > Pay > Model My Pay.

  1. From the Model My Pay page, edit, add, or delete paycheck information. Information may include earnings, deductions, federal, state, and local tax codes.
    • If you are adding a pre-tax item such as 401(k), medical, dental, vision, etc. you will need to change the tax category as well.
  2. Select Calculate Now. Your net pay estimate appears.

If an earnings or deduction is added with incomplete information, Model My Pay still calculates the paycheck information without including the earnings/deduction. The missing information appears in red to alert you of a missing value.

IRS Tax Withholding Estimator

The IRS has a tool you can use to estimate the federal income tax you want withheld from your paycheck. This will help you see how your withholding affects your refund, take-home pay, or tax due. They recommend checking your withholding when you have a major life change such as new job, major income change, marital status change, change in number of dependents, and home purchase.

To access this tool, visit the IRS website.


Giving is a great way to impact the communities around us. At most of our companies you can elect to do so via payroll deductions. Check with your local HR department to see if this is an option where you work. We would love to have you join us in our efforts.

For more information on charitable giving, please visit the Our Values page.