Dental Benefits

HomeServices offers two dental plans that cover a broad range of services, including preventive treatment, cavity repair, root canals, and orthodontia, through MetLife Dental. Although you can visit any dentist or other dental professional, you can expect your out-of-pocket expense to be less if you receive service from an in-network Preferred Dentist Program (PDP) provider. While member ID cards are not issued for this plan, participants can print a card on the website.

Dental Plan Summary

Option 1
Option 2
Annual Deductible
$50 per member$50 per member
Annual Benefit Maximum* $2,000 per member
(does not include
orthodontic services)
$1,500 per member
Preventive and Diagnostic Services
Dental cleaning
Basic Restorative Services
Cavity repair and tooth extractions
Root canals
Gum and bone diseases
80% coverage after deductible80% coverage after deductible
Major Services
Dentures and bridges
50% coverage after deductible50% coverage after deductible
Lifetime maximum benefit of $2,000 for dependent children, up to age 19
50% coverage after deductibleNo coverage

*Annual maximum benefit is the most this plan will pay for the covered services received in-network and out-of-network in any plan year.

For more information on your dental plan benefits, participants should visit the MetLife website. You can search for network providers, review benefits, print ID cards, and more.