Vision Benefits

The HomeServices vision plan through VSP is designed to help with routine eye care costs. The plan covers routine eye examinations and eyeglasses or contact lenses and has two levels of coverage depending on whether you receive services from an in-network or an out-of-network provider. While member ID cards are not issued for this plan, participants can print a card on the website.

Vision Plan Summary

BenefitFrequency*CopaymentCoverage from a
Vision Service Plan
(VSP) Provider
Eye Care Wellness
Exam12 months$10Covered in fullUp to $45 allowance
Contact Lens Fitting and Evaluation12 months$55 maxCovered in full
Prescription Eyewear: Choose between glasses or contacts. You are not eligible for both during the same calendar year.
Eyeglass Lenses12 months$25 applied to
lenses and frames
Single vision,
lined bifocal, and
lined trifocal
lenses are covered
in full
Single vision, up to
$45 allowance
Lined bifocal, up to
$65 allowance
Lined trifocal, up to
$85 allowance
Frames24 months
NoneUp to $160 allowance
Up to $70 allowance
Contact Lenses12 months

NoneUp to $155 allowanceUp to $105 allowance

*Based on calendar year.

For more information on your vision benefits, visit the VSP website . You can review your benefit information, access personalized eligibility and plan coverage details, and print a Member Card. VSP provides additional offers just for being a member. Please visit the VSP Offers website
Not yet enrolled? Visit the VSP Vision Care website to view available plan offerings.